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Rocky Mountain Royal Jelly

Feeling Run Down?

Boost your energy level with all natural Rocky Mountain Royal Jelly in Honey, and restore your youthful vitality with pure royal jelly each day.

Rocky Mountain Royal Jelly in Honey is designed for pure energy, to make you feel good all day. It's 100% pure royal jelly and preserved in raw unfiltered northwest Montana honey with 16 vitamins, including B complex, 16 minerals, 18 enzymes, 22 amino acids, and 2 natural antibiotics. Rocky Mountain Royal Jelly in Honey is the most potent royal jelly product on the market today!

Try a one month supply of Honey Plus, with Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, and Propolis. (22.8 oz by weight)

- Also Available -

Rocky Mountain Royal Jelly in convenient Vegetarian Capsules. 50 Capsules, each containing Royal Jelly, or 62 capsules with Royal Jelly plus Propolis & Bee Pollen.

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I have been impressed with the stories told by people who are already taking virgin honey and royal jelly on a regular basis. I have been asked to explain these responses based on current medical and nutritional knowledge,...and I can't. Future research will no doubt reveal a mechanism by which the ingredients in Rocky Mountain Royal Jelly in Honey provide more energy, faster healing, slowed aging, relief from allergies and headaches, and much more.

In the meantime, the cost-benefit ratio of taking a daily supplement of virgin honey with royal jelly is extremely favorable. Rocky Mountain Royal Jelly in Honey provides royal jelly in a virgin honey base when taking one tablespoon per day, and is literally loaded with dozens of other healthy nutrients. --J. Clark Venable, M.D., Pleasant Valley Apiary

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Last updated August 15, 2014